For service or repair on a Norcool product which is no longer under warranty, please contact our UK service agent Flowrite directly.


Please can you confirm to Flowrite the site address so they can confirm costs for the attendance.


Please be advised that as many of their customers have set attendance times which Flowrite is contractually obliged to meet, their Chargeable Customers can face longer lead times for attendance- average is 5-7 working days (excluding summer period where lead times can be longer).


If you would like to go ahead with this, please call Flowrite on 01622 672099 to make a payment and they can log a new job for attendance. When calling, please ask to speak to someone in the Frigoglass/Norcool team so that they can assist you.


All enquires, queries and part questions must be emailed over to

For warranty call requests, please contact Scandinavian Appliances at