Cooling units

Norcool has 30 years’ experience in developing and producing cooling units.

Today, we supply compact cooling units, split units and wine refrigeration units. The unit is placed in a recess/cavity in the wall between the cold room and the room where the warm side of the unit is to be placed.

The cooling unit to be selected depends on the size of the room, so please contact us for further information and advice.

Models: Product number:
Cooling unit:
Coolmaster CU-350 12601700
Coolmaster CU-450 12602000
Coolmaster CU-900 14222000
Wine refrigeration units:
Coolmaster CU-350 vin 12601800
Coolmaster CU-450 vin 12613000
Coolmaster CU-900 vin 14233000
Cooling unit split:
Coolmaster CU-330 Splitt 12611700
Coolmaster CU-450 Splitt 14212000

Technical information and downloads

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